Thursday, October 25, 2007

Goodness, it has been awhile. Real Life has been keeping me pretty busy and when not busy - distracted. It wasn't as if I ever really left SL, I just could hardly seem to contain the focus to complete anything. (The few things I did manage to complete I never seemed to liked very long.) My inventory is cluttered with the half-done objects to prove it. :P Anyhow, onto the stuff I did finish!

Hatsukoi - This one was snuck quietly onto the shelves a few weeks ago. (Actually, it was intended for Valentine's Day earlier this year but I always feel like I'm wasting cyberspace if I don't have at least two things to announce.) 'Hatsukoi', meaning 'first love', is meant to evoke those soft, delicate affections of a young girl's first love. Comprised of pinks, greens, hearts, flowers, lace, and a butterfly - I think it works out.

Hiren - It means 'sad love'. I designed this as the heartbroken sister to Hatsukoi. I imagined her at the windowsill, sighing as she looks away from the beloved copy of Jane Eyre in her hands. Originally the dress was envisioned as blue, but it seemed to me that that choice would have focused more on merely the sadness itself. Lavender seemed the way to go for that still dreaming, lonelier shade of love. By the way, yes, that knit is hand drawn.

I hope one or the other will please you, if not both. I've been told a few times now that these two are very unlike my previous stuff. However, no one will tell me how that is so, or whether this is a good or a bad thing. I hope it's good. However, if anyone has a helpful, well-meant suggestion I wouldn't mind hearing it. :3

Don't forget to grab yourself a little something from the candy bowl. It'll be gone come November 1st. Happy Halloween! :D


Loli Nori said...

Welcome back! Great job on both of your new outfits; they're gorgeous! ^^

elka said...

Welcome back TweetChan!! n_n" I am so sorry that I took your store in Nakama, we thought you were never coming back TT___TT;;
Anyhoo, congrats on the 2 new outfits, they are gorgeous and so unique as usual!
I know why they are different from your last collection:
-They use RL fabrics
-They use the hand-drawn cartoony style more

Last time was more vector-type drawings (crispy, not cartoony, if you get what I mean?) and stuffs :3


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