Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello. Again.

So. Several days ago (last Sunday) I celebrated my 8th SL birthday. Eight years. I can't really comprehend that bit of time, that I have been logging into this virtual world for eight years. Second Life has changed so much from my rezday. Flexi was all the rage then. Followed by sculpty. Then rigged mesh. And now it's fitted mesh.

I was fortunate enough to snag the WowMeh fitted mesh body before it went off the market (though I hear it may be back soon - yay!). I have always had this sort of love/hate relationship with my avatar. Constantly tweaking my look, changing skin and shape in attempt to make Sumire be what she was always supposed to be. Sometimes I became so frustrated with the limitations of the Linden Lab avatar that I would go stretches of not logging in just to avoid the stress. (Crazy as it sounds, I think I was looking for perfection in my second life to make up for the lack in my first.) I am still skin hunting, but I finally like my avatar such that I am able to remain inworld long enough to create again.

I have updated all the Nanako Candy-Striped Leggings to include WowMeh appliers. I won't crowd this post with images of all the new ads, but I will include the Licorice Pack here as it is my most popular one. (Not to mention my favorite pair of leggings is in particular pack - the white with black stripes. :D )

Also I live in t-shirts both in SL and RL, so I have been hard at work in making one for myself here. I've come up with something I think I can be proud of. Hopefully you will like it, too. I am offering a dollarbie tee featuring the new *tweet* icon bird in 3 different colors. Each color comes on all system layers, and with a WowMeh applier as well. Find it inworld here:

*tweet* @ Temenos

The t-shirts on WowMeh bodies, as modeled by my silly friends. :P

Stay tuned, more t-shirts to come!